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A quick visit to Mariana’s Empanadas in New Hope

emp closeupLike everyone else, we love something new to snack on while walking around New Hope, so we were eager to sample the signature product at the newly-opened Mariana’s Empanadas at 82 S. Main St.

For the uninitiated, empanadas are similar to the many meat- or vegetable-filled pastries one sees around the world, whether from Jamaica or Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. They originated in Portugal and Galicia, and are made by folding dough or bread with various stuffings — at Mariana’s, that means beef, chicken, spicy tuna, or spinach and cheese.

When we arrived, the beef and spinach/cheese hadn’t sold out yet, and we tried both. The made-from-scratch taste and texture came through immediately, the seasonings were on-target and authentic, and the savory little pies made an excellent midday snack at $3.50 per, or two for $6. Use of ample hot sauce is highly recommended, and the house garlic sauce was tasty, as well.

emp storefrontNot a huge variety at this early stage, but they seem to be focusing on doing one thing really well. The staff was friendly, and the food was fresh, and hit the spot. Definitely will be returning and learning more from the owners, who obviously know their way around a genuine empanada.

Mariana’s Empanadas opens each day at noon except Mondays and Tuesdays; (215) 862-2220.

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  • Great job! Looks freat, taste great and its just simply awesome little piece of heaven.
    It’s like a piece of heaven in my mouth!

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