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Lambertville-New Hope Chamber of Commerce cancels Fourth of July fireworks

lambertville-chamber-new-hope-free-pressContrary to a press release issued May 11 stating, “The skies over the Delaware River will be filled with fireworks for three nights this summer, beginning with the Independence Day weekend,” the Greater Lambertville-New Hope Chamber of Commerce (GLNHCC) has already pulled the show scheduled for the Fourth of July holiday.

“We went before Lambertville City Council and they approved, and we have to live up to the requirements of New Jersey authorities,” said GLNHCC Executive Director David Morgan. “I’ve had a conversation with every member of [New Hope] Borough Council, and if we can’t get the approval of both towns, we are not going to proceed.”

Added Morgan, “We are seeking to appear before Borough Council next week.”

The agenda for that May 26 meeting has been published online, and currently makes no mention of a presentation by GLNHCC. Sources close to the situation say it’s not clear whether the already-scheduled Labor Day weekend launch may also prove problematic.

The GLNHCC made the decision to scrap the event, said Morgan, after conversations with the New Hope Eagle Fire Company who, along with New Hope Police and Borough Council, were not consulted prior to GLNHCC’s public announcement of the show as a fait accompli. New Hope firefighters have said in the past that they can’t guarantee the safety of the public under conditions that seriously hamper their access and mobility, as might occur on an Independence Day event, with few other localities offering fireworks displays.

New Hope insiders say that a July fireworks event may ultimately be approved by all parties, but that date will be nowhere near July 4.


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