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Former Bucks County Playhouse owner Ralph Miller facing fraud and money laundering charges in Philadelphia trial

bcpThe trial of former Bucks County Playhouse owner Ralph Miller began May 19, following years of delays, postponements, and superseding charges.

In U.S. vs. Ralph Miller, two superseding charges were filed, one of which was later dismissed by the government. Two of the charges — money laundering and mail fraud — remain, and are the basis of the federal indictment. The criminal case is being tried in the Federal Court of the Eastern District in Philadelphia.

Charges facing the former owner of the Bucks County Playhouse include allegedly filing fraudulent insurance claims in the aftermath of a 2006 Delaware River flood that soaked the historic theater. The mail fraud charge involves the transmission of the purportedly false claim, and the money laundering charge appears to derive from cashing the reputed fraudulently-obtained insurance checks, according to documents filed in the case.

Miller lost the theater to a bank in 2010, and was charged with wire fraud and money laundering in 2011 by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Philadelphia. Those charges alleged that Miller submitted false claims for approximately $200,000 in lighting that he reportedly said was damaged in the flood (Miller’s insurance company paid him $184,000 for the lighting out of a total $905,000 award).

Miller owned the Bucks County Playhouse for more than 30 years before defaulting on mortgage payments in 2010. Miller’s attorney, Louis Busico, was not available for comment.

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  • Ralph stole a few hundred dollars from me by refusing to reimburse me for tickets for a play that never took place due to the playhouse closure. What a tool!

  • I was employed by Mr Miller for 6 years at the Bucks County Playhouse and cherished every single moment of it. I found him to be a sincere and dedicated man to his theatre. He was always up front with me and I have great respect for him. If I can be a witness to his character, I’ll be glad to come forward.

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