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EXCLUSIVE: Photo of Risoldi family ceiling painting from Clairemont mansion

new hope free press risoldi painting 2

Risoldi mansion family ceiling mural

A high-profile Bucks County attorney with offices in New Hope and Middletown was charged in a massive multimillion dollar insurance fraud scheme Jan. 22, and one relatively minor but much-discussed detail of the news story has been the existence of murals on the ceiling of her home depicting her family in flowing robes in classic Roman style.

Carla Risoldi, 48, was charged along with several family members, a private investigator and fabric vendor. Risoldi has an office on Durham Road and another in New Hope. She practices family law and used to work as a Bucks County District Attorney.

“This family and their co-conspirators stole millions to fund a lifestyle of extravagance and excess,” Attorney General Kathleen Kane said following the charges being filed. “Insurance fraud drives up the cost for everyone, including seniors and middle-class families. Even worse, the scheme was facilitated through threats, intimidation and falsely accusing first responders of serious crimes.”

new hope free press risoldi painting 1Among the charges: Claire, Carl and Carla Risoldi facilitated the receipt of invoices inflated more than ten-fold for Romanesque murals inside Clairemont depicting the family “in flowing robes gazing down from the heavens.”

Since news of the charges broke last week, many of our readers have asked to see the murals in question from Clairemont, and the Free Press was fortunate to obtain two photos.

Claire Risoldi was a “prominent GOP donor and fundraiser,” according to Political insiders said Thursday that Claire Risoldi and French have strong ties to many of Bucks County’s most powerful Republican politicians and fundraisers.

French formerly worked in the Bucks County Sheriff’s Department and held the rank of lieutenant, law enforcement sources confirmed to

Those charged on Jan. 22 turned themselves in to investigators before being arraigned.


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  • I wonder if they also have the requisite, creepy gargoyles mounted along the roof. These narcissists must think they are in the Illuminati or something.

    • I am not from the area where this took place so I am not sure what Fire company was involved but the fire company people should be known as your local heroes and not criminals. I know this is not a political fundraiser but I would like to send the fire company a 250.00 donation out of my own pocket. If someone could give me an address I will send them a check with a big thank you for what they do. They went to work when they could have said this is volunteer work and I quit but they never stopped working. Like I said they are your local heroes that save your homes and you folks everyday,,,,maybe not everyday but they are there for you.
      They are not slaves or hired help that work for the those but hey who knows maybe someday the tides may turn and if convicted the Risoldi’s may be working for the township performing road cleanup.
      I wrote a wish list in the comments early on and would like to say that if they are convicted then I hope my whole wish list is filled.
      I am sure Mr. Heckler will take care of them and give them some of the nicest orange suits they could ever ask for and I hope takes care of them for a long time.
      Who knows when the artist fixes the ceiling maybe he could do away with the robes and he could put them in orange suits. Sort of Zoom forward to the future and is there room in the painting for the investigator and the curtain fellow?
      Maybe the new painting should be in the basement with flames and not clouds.
      I know people are going to possibly say Shame Shaming on me for writing this but who knows the alleged group may get a laugh out of it and not the scare of their life.
      someone please send an address or phone number for the fire company so I can send them the check.

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