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Raven Restaurant in New Hope gets a makeover, revamps menu, hires up

raven newsThe Raven Restaurant is updating its look and menu during a month-long renovation, and will temporarily close its doors on April 14 to begin work on the transformation. Meanwhile, the Raven Bar will continue to serve lunch and dinner.

Management says the all-new dining room will be unveiled in mid-May, and will include a “new atmosphere, new menus, new concept, new chef, and whole new feeling.” The Raven Restaurant already restaurant enjoys a solid reputation locally, so freshening up in time for the high season would seem to make good business sense in New Hope’s competitive dining sector.

Said a spokesperson, “This is a very exciting time for this to happen.”

In an additional sign of resiliency both for the Raven and local economy, the restaurant will be taking on additional staff, and is holding an “open house” March 29-31 and April 5-7 to meet candidates for open positions including waiter, host, bartender, kitchen help, housekeepers, and sous chef. Several other food-related businesses around town are also looking for help these days as business and the weather warms up, including Pudgecakes bakery, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Alladin.

But the metamorphosis of the Raven Restaurant will undoubtedly be near center stage and generating more buzz going forward.

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