New Hope Library to host local author Laura Matson Hahn

heartA resident of New Hope for 25 years, Laura Matson Hahn has been active in the community through the Arts Council and the Zoning Hearing Board much of that time. Now, with the release of her first novel The Heart Code, she is inviting interested readers to join her at the New Hope Library on March 13 at 7 p.m. for a delightful evening of conversation.

Included in the program is a reading by Hahn. “This is probably my favorite part of marketing,” she said, “getting to perform my own work, using the skills I learned in college and taught to young people in my career.”

The novel’s main protagonist is the grandmother, nicknamed “Gamma,” whose objective is to ensure her only grandchild, Celeste, has a fighting chance to know and follow her own heart’s whispers. “Gamma,” Hahn said, “is a metaphor for a mentor, which most of us have had – and not necessarily by a direct relative.”

Those who wish to purchase the book can do so that evening for $15, and Hahn will be donating $5 from each sale back to the Library

Stop by the book’s website for more information on The Heart Code or contact Laura at


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