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Candidates for Bucks County Sheriff square off on term limits

McCauley and Donnelly

Democrat Dennis McCauley (L) is challenging incumbent Republican Edward J. “Duke” Donnelly (R) for Bucks County Sheriff

Dennis McCauley, Democratic candidate for Bucks County Sheriff, announced in recent days that if elected he will not exceed a “self-imposed limit of two terms in office.”

“I believe in term limits,” said McCauley. “Elected office should be about serving the public, not building an empire.”

McCauley, a former Abington police officer, says his opponent has been around long enough: “Donnelly has been Sheriff for 10 years and now wants to extend his grip on the office to 14 years. But it seems like the longer Donnelly stays, the worse things get for Bucks County.”

Added McCauley,”It’s time for a new Sheriff in town.”

Incumbent Republican Sheriff Edward J. “Duke” Donnelly fired back, “We already have term limits: the voters. If the voters are dissatisfied with me, they’ll limit my time in office.”

Says Donnelly, “We’re doing a good job. Our department was accredited by Pennsylvania in June, one of only a handful in the state.

“We’re improving and things are changing. We’re bringing in innovative ideas to do a better job for the citizens of Bucks County,” Donnelly continued.

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