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New Hope Election 2013: On the campaign trail with mayoral candidate Donna Deely

donna deely

Pudge Cakes Owner Elisa Fusco (L) shakes hands with New Hope mayoral candidate Donna Deely (Photo: Charlie Sahner)

We caught up with Donna Deely, Democratic candidate for mayor of New Hope, while she was campaigning on North Main Street.

Her goal for the day? “I’m out here meeting and greeting some of the business owners and trying to understand some of their concerns for this very important upcoming election,” said Deely.

And what is she hearing from business owners? Said Deely, “Some of the comments are about the vacant storefronts, and others spoke of their desire to see the mule barges running again.”

Oh, in case you’re wondering, that’s oven-fresh sweet cheese bread on the top shelf behind them.


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