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Cakes Done Simple to open in New Hope

cakes done simpleCakes Done Simple, a bakery specializing in cakes and cupcakes to go, will be opening soon at 137 S. Main St. in New Hope, a former Rita’s Water Ice location.

Says baker James Rogers on his website, “I moved to New York City five years ago with the idea of attending culinary school. While visiting the school, I realized that the culinary arts was not for me. I struggled with what it was that I was supposed to be doing with my life.

“I moved to New Hope, PA where I was given an extremely rewarding opportunity working for an established bakery in Newtown, PA. I was always in the kitchen with my mother while dessert was being made. Desserts have always played a satisfying role in my life, especially cake. July 16, 2013 marked the day that I decided to take a leap and follow my own dream.”

Specialties will include cakes and cupcakes rendered in Red Velvet, Apple, Carrot, Coconut, Pistachio, Red Devil, Chocolate Oatmeal, German Chocolate, Traditional Chocolate, along with additional cupcake flavors Vanilla, Peanut Butter, and Chocolate-Covered Cherry. Rogers says he hopes to open at the end of September.

One can’t help but wonder how, in a town already blessed with ample baked good choices, Cakes Done Simple will differentiate itself from the likes of C’est la Vie, Zoubi and Pudge Cakes.

Rogers is quick to pay homage to the quality and creativity of the existing baked good elite, but stresses that his particular treats will be more akin to “something your mother or grandmother would do at home.”

Emphasizing the comfort angle, Rogers hopes to utilize the existing Rita’s architectural infrastructure to deliver cupcakes and slices of cake on a walk-up basis to the masses, rather than starting with a wholesale or catering-based business model.

Interesting concept, and in New Hope, baked goods and ice cream are “the stuff dreams are made of.”

James Rogers

James Rogers

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