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(dough)NATION serves up a kinder, gentler tomato pie

(dough)NATION pizza in New Hope (Photo: Charlie Sahner)

(dough)NATION pizza in New Hope (Photo: Charlie Sahner)

Yes, it may be a name dreamed up in a smoke-filled room, but (dough)NATION, the newest entrant in the E. Bridge Street carbo wars, delivers. It’s basically a lot like a certain previous pizza joint, with a nearly identical Trenton-style tomato pie as its culinary center, but appears cleaner, lighter and friendlier.

Says owner Matt Holley, a guy whose diverse background includes stints as head of HR at a couple of Fortune 500 companies and warm-up gigs with Todd Rundgren, it’s all about friendliness. “We try to establish a relationship with our customers. We can’t make it just on tourists…we’ve got to go above and beyond for the locals,” he said.

Holley plans to expand his smoothie and sandwich offerings, besides current pizza favorites like “Mario’s Pie”, Trenton-style tomato pies rendered in sausage and margherita, and a traditional mozzarella-shrouded slice. The pizza I sampled had a thin, crackly crust and large pieces of high-quality sausage. The traditional pizza was also a hit with at least two customers present, one of whom said, “This is good pizza.”

{dough)NATION is worth a try. And you probably won’t get yelled at for requesting an extra plate or cup of ice. Located at 7 E. Bridge St.; 215-862-2266.

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