Kate Clinton is coming! Kate Clinton is coming!

Kate Clinton (center) on her way to New Hope with event co-chair Geri Delevich (far left) and fans (L to R) Hope Smolin, Cathy Lester and Kate McCann

New Hope Celebrates is gearing up for an evening with Kate Clinton at the Bucks County Playhouse Oct. 19 at 8 p.m.

As previously announced, the event is part of Kate’s “2012 All Fracked Up Tour.”

Says her publicity material, “Kate’s hyperbolic fracking method shakes the bedrock of the comedy mother lode with seismic aftershocks of laughter. She vents about global weirding. Tosses an occu-pie in the face of banksters. Glitter-bombs presidential politics. Spelunks some LGBT schist. Mud will be flung. Warning: dikes could be in danger of collapse. It’s a blast!  She’s a gas! And after – Kate always cleans up her own fracking mess!”

Oh my. May have to go to this one.

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