Plan for 9/11 memorial in Lambertville draws heat

A proposed memorial to 9/11 is drawing criticism from some Lambertville residents, respectful of its historical significance yet wary of the plan’s choice of location — the corner of Bridge and Union streets.

Leading the charge is film festival organizer, journalist and Facebook personality Sara Scully, who asks, “Do you think the center of Lambertville, Bridge and Union Street, is the right place to display a large, broken piece of the World Trade Center, (one of its steel beams) as part of a 9/11 Memorial Garden? Shall we turn the pocket park there now into a 9/11 Memorial?

“NO?: Then, please, come to the City Council meeting November 20th, and ask the City to find another spot for this important Memorial, a place that is not in the central business district.

“WHY MOVE THE MEMORIAL? Our town is known for arts, history, antiques and great food. Placing a 9/11 Memorial in the proposed central location, the corner of Bridge and Union St, will turn that spot into a place to reflect on the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and the heroic response afterward. It will also greet visitors to our town with a reminder of the 9/11 event, something that is irrelevant to our town’s core arts-history identity. Lets keep the park free of this Memorial, and greet visitors with a place to convene, dance, play music and park bikes.”

Stay tuned on this one. Haven’t heard yet from the memorial planners.

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Charlie Sahner


  • How about no 9/ll memorial and a piece of art instead? Do you know where there should be a memorial? in New York, oh wait there is one. I don’t want to be reminded of 9/11 every time I walk down the road. I lived through it and quite frankly I can’t forget it, I’m not trying to be cold here, however I don’t see why we need this in town.

  • Today I became aware that a memorial is to be constructed to bring our attentions to 9/11 in the center of town.
    Art is very powerful and creates, subliminally, what is intended by the creator of it.
    May I suggest that we redirect the 9/11 memorial to another part of town, a place of silence and reflection, not the main street where joy should be the focus. I support the intention to honor those who have and are fighting for us, not withstanding the local rescue and fire squads who have my admiration and donations
    If something is to be done in this location, please let it reflect life going forward, art is a great idea. Commission a living artist to produce something interesting and joyful, not cute, but with a positive and unique energy. Our area is filled with sculptors who could fulfill this inspirational achievement. I can think of several at this moment. Put out a calling and you will be swamped with proposals.

    In the center of town there should be a representation of the town I have lived in for most of my life, one of community, and all the arts and people who make this town what it is. Many adjectives come to mind, laughter, joy, community, caring, support, culture, art, dance, peace and love, because yes that does exist here and it is palpable for even the visitor to realize, lets keep it that way and greet people with something that describes this, not sorrow, please.

    Please, lets move forward.

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