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Frankie Trionfetti is back in New Hope with Trenton-style tomato pies

Peace Out Pizza is no more, and in its place at 7 E. Bridge St. now stands a Trenton-style tomato pie and salad joint run by veteran New Hope vendor Frankie Trionfetti.

For those unfamilar with the tomato pie, it’s basically a thin crust pizza, but cheese is added to the pie before tomato sauce is applied (regular pizzas are made by first spreading sauce on dough, then sprinkling cheese on top).

At Frankie’s place, let’s just say the decor and signage are evolving, but the pies stand out from the competition, with thin, crackly crusts studded with basil and garnished with small clumps of chopped tomato.

“I’m glad to be back in town,” remarked Trionfetti. “New Hope is a fun environment. I learned the business from my grandfather, and I’m doing this for my son, ” he added.

Frankie Trionfetti’s Gourmet Tomato Pie & Catering has dine-in service, take out, or call for delivery: (215) 862-2266.


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