Why Did New Hope Council Pay $698,168.81 In November?

New Hope Borough Hall and Police Department. File photo.
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Last month, New Hope Borough Council voted to pay $698,168.81 in bills for the month of November.

If this amount seems higher than normal, it’s because it is when compared to other months payments.

October’s monthly payment was $636,959.26, September’s was $231,728.48, and June’s was $246,662.99, per New Hope borough documents. 

Defined on the council’s agenda packet as accounts payables, the section is the council approving payment of the borough’s bills. The motion is typically approved toward the end of every meeting and considered standard procedure. 

Besides paying basic bills, November’s payments were inflated by payment of a $397,995 project to repair the West Mechanic Street Bridge after Hurricane Ida, which occurred in 2021, per Borough Manager Peter Gray.

The November bills also covered a $84,394.56 payment to Haines Paving for the road program and also an escrow refund for $15,091.82.

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