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New Hope Star Diner Shuts Down

The longtime local eatery is closing up shop.

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A longtime staple of the local dining scene is closing.

Over the weekend, the New Hope Star Diner posted a sign on its front door that the business would be closing on Monday.

The sign didn’t state why or what the future for the site will hold, but it advised customers to pay attention to the diner’s social media. The diner’s website and social media didn’t give any clues on the future as of Monday morning.

“We thank all our loyal customers for their patronage over the last eight years,” the sign said.

The owners of the diner were not in to comment on Monday morning.

Credit: Tom Sofied/

A hostess wished a longtime customer goodbye after he finished his breakfast and paid his bill.

As he was leaving, a longtime customer of the diner, who didn’t provide his name, said he would miss the New Hope Star Diner and called the future of the space a “big mystery.”

Credit: Tom Sofied/

The diner once was open around the clock, but like many diners, it has scaled back hours in recent years.

The diner was previously known for many years as the New Hope Eagle Diner, but that changed when John Koc bought the business eight years ago.

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