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New Hope diner gets new management, new name

New Hope Eagle Diner will become 'New Hope Star Diner'

New Hope Eagle Diner will become ‘New Hope Star Diner’

The New Hope Eagle Diner location at 6522 Route 202 has been taken over by a Hillsborough restaurateur, and will be renamed the “New Hope Star Diner” in about a month.

New owner John Koc, 37, has been running the Hillsborough Star Diner on Route 206 in New Jersey for 15 years, and says he plans to overhaul the New Hope restaurant’s menu, and freshen up its interior.

Koc says he also intends to prepare all food on-site, shunning frozen ingredients, and keeping it all fresh through daily fish deliveries, expanded daily specials, better breakfast offerings, homemade soups, and an epic baked-on-premise cheese cake.

New owner John Koc

New owner John Koc

The New Hope Eagle Diner has for several years provided an affordable dining alternative in an area known for fine cuisine. Reviews on Yelp and Google are mediocre at best, with the Hillsborough Star generally faring slightly better. Fingers crossed.

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  • Went to the diner (should know better) and ordered eggs. Sent them back and received metallic scrambled eggs instead along w/cold toast. Didn’t bother complaining to the server, she looked ticked as it was. Mentioned it to the owner but after he took my money he just shuffled away. I promise, I’ll never go back!

  • Went there Saturday night, the 5th. Ordered the chicken cordon blue. When it arrived it was raw on the bottom, sent it back and left.
    Very disappointing experience and I will not be going back. Our waiter was excellent, considering that the wait staff was undermanned, and he was doing the job of 3.
    The owner picked up napkins which had fallen on the floor and placed them on a counter where one of the staff started to use them to wrap the utensils, after grabbing one of the staff who spoke english, he discarded the towels..

  • I was there last night and its no different, for better or worse than it was as the Eagle Diner. I just wish a miracle would happen and a fantastic salad bar would dominate the entire space with endless possibilities. And bring back wine. The cheese bread is still there, thankfully.

  • Wish them the very best, and I do hope that they keep the prices in the moderate range. There are so many upscale restaurants in the area, and the Diner has always been a place where families and senior citizens can go out and have a decent-priced meal.

    Good eggs, good coffee, good service, and fresh foods. That’s what diners should be all about.

  • I agree with Pat Heimbach. The diner hasn’t been the same for sometime. I left the area 2 years ago. When I come back to visit I will have lunch there to see the changes.

  • I wish him the best of luck. After a promising start as the Eagle Diner, the place went very far downhill. Indifferent food and truly terrible service (we once had to go in search of a teaspoon and found the owner deep in a stupid conversation with his wait staff in the back area. He actually looked annoyed when we expressed a need for flatware!) It’s surprising that the area can’t support a moderately priced eatery.

  • 52 years owning our family home in Carversville,Pa and I miss the area. The diner has seen a lot of changes in our society and isn’t it nice to know it’s got a new and creative ownership. Locals will be back in there for sure. I will visit once the reno is completed and the chef is ready with that real food menu, of course. Best wishes.

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