New Hope Pizza Shop Says Dave Portnoy Review Has Boosted Business

Russo’s Pizza in New Hope experienced a surge in business after Barstool Sports’ Dave Portnoy reviewed their pizza.

Steven Calozzi putting a pizza in the oven.
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Russo’s Pizza on Main Street in New Hope Borough has seen a bump in business since Barstool Sports’ founder and owner Dave Portnoy debuted his famed One Bite Review of the shop.

Steven Calozzi, the owner of Russo’s Pizza, told that he appreciated Portnoy stopping in the borough and his shop.

In this review, Portnoy rated the large pizza a 7.5 out of 10. However, Portnoy docked points for the size of the pie.

“We thought that we got short-changed a bit because David didn’t like the size of it, but he did overall like it,” Calozzi said.

“It’s really cool. We’re already seeing people from it,” he said.

In his video, Portnoy showed off a Russo’s T-shirt that said “The Michael Jordan of Pizza.”

“We’re shipping out T-shirts and all over the country,” Calozzi said.

Steven Calozzi standing in his shop.
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Calozzi said customers can come to his shop and get a meal for a whole family without paying an outrageous amount. He said pizza and soda are a good value amid inflation.

Portnoy, also known as “El Presidente,” complimented the New Hope Borough and its scenery in his review.

“Very picturesque … cool vibes,” Portnoy said of the town.

Calozzi, a native of the region, and his wife, Jennifer, opened Russo’s Pizza in 2019 in the former borough hall. They had previously lived in the Seattle area and owned restaurants.

Russo’s Pizza on Main Street.
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Portnoy recently reviewed Lucatelli’s Pizzeria in Doylestown, Peppino’s Tomato Pies in Chalfont, and Bucks Bagels in Warminster.

In the past, Portnoy rated the pizza at Cesares Ristorante in Bristol Borough.

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