Lambertville Council To Hold Public Hearing On Short-Term Rental Ordinance

The City of Lambertville Council is set to discuss a new ordinance in their upcoming meeting to amend regulations for short-term rentals.

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The City of Lambertville Council is set to hold a public hearing at the 7 p.m. public meeting on Thursday, November 16 for a proposed ordinance that aims to amend city regulations concerning short-term rentals.

The ordinance, which was introduced last month, seeks to modify the “General Licensing” section of the City Code to manage these rentals more effectively.

As outlined by city officials, the amendment focuses on bringing more stringent control over short-term rentals in Lambertville. A significant aspect of this proposed change is the requirement for all currently operating unregistered short-term rentals to register as landlords with the city before the ordinance is adopted.

Mayor Andrew Nowick emphasized the importance of compliance with the new regulations in his weekly email newsletter.

According to a statement from the mayor, only those short-term rentals that are in compliance with the city’s regulations at the time of the ordinance’s adoption will be considered for grandfathering. Post-adoption, the ordinance will permit only grandfathered or owner-occupied and primary residences to operate as short-term rentals.

The city said it has made concerted efforts to reach out to short-term rental owners to inform them about the impending changes and encouraging them to comply with the new requirements.

The upcoming council meeting will provide an opportunity for the public to voice their opinions on the ordinance during its second reading and public hearing.

Nowick has invited residents and stakeholders to reach out directly with any questions or concerns regarding the ordinance. The mayor can be contacted at 917-324-0411.

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