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New Crosswalk On Route 29 In Lambertville Moving Forward

The work will be scheduled after work order sent out in October.

Route 29 and Feeder Street.
Credit: Google Maps

The residents on the east side of Route 29 will soon see improved pedestrian safety with the addition of a new crosswalk at Feeder Street.

City of Lambertville Mayor Andrew Nowick confirmed in his recent weekly email update that he has received official notification from NJDOT about the work order for the project.

The work order encompasses signs, pavement markings, and curb ramps.

The work order will be sent out in early October. The project will be scheduled after that.

The addition of the crosswalk aims to provide a secure crossing over Route 29 for residents of over thirty houses, marking the first and only designated pedestrian crossing point on that stretch of the highway, the mayor said.

Nowick expressed his gratitude towards the NJDOT, especially recognizing employee Meredith Hammond for her role.

The initiation of the crosswalk project dates back several years. Last year, the mayor discussed the potential for such a development with the council.

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