Lambertville City Council Approves Stormwater Management Ordinance 

The city council meeting Thursday.
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During Thursday evening’s council meeting, the City of Lambertville Council approved a wave of ordinances. Perhaps the most important one approved was the stormwater management ordinance. 

By approving this ordinance, the city will be able to fulfill requirements set by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. 

Now that the stormwater management ordinance has been approved, it will now go to the planning board for review and recommendation. 

This ordinance was approved two years after Hurricane Ida swept through Lambertville, causing damage and mass flooding to the riverside city. 

The city council has said they are being proactive to ensure the city is prepared for future storms and flooding events.

Two months ago, the council listened to a stormwater utility presentation from New Jersey Future to figure out whether a stormwater utility was right for them

At Thursday’s meeting, Mayor Andrew J. Nowick said that Lambertville should host a post Hurricane Ida community session as the city approaches two years since the hurricane hit the city. Furthermore, Mayor Nowick stated that the city should plan the event in October.

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