Solebury Debuts Updated Logo

Solebury Township had introduced an updated municipal logo and style guide.

The old logo and the new one.
Credit: Solebury Township

Solebury Township has a new municipal logo. It may look a lot like the previous one, but that was the idea.

Recently, the Solebury Township Board of Supervisors unveiled an updated logo and style guide for municipal branding. The supervisors approved its use in June.

Michele Blood, the assistant township manager, said the township worked with a graphic designer to refresh the previous logo and allow options for each township committee to request their own sub-logo.

“We didn’t want a new logo. We wanted to update it,” Blood told the supervisors.

The updated logo may look the same from afar, but a closer inspection reveals the updates, which include changes to the layout of the colors, the design of the slogan, and reduction from a grove of trees to just one tree.

The Solebury Township Building. File photo.

The assistant township manager stated the logo is a bit more simplified and “looks a bit more modern.”

The township also received a style guide to help with the creation of township documentation and designs in the future to provide a uniform look. The administration now has a list of typesets, fonts, and colors that can used, Blood said.

The supervisors discussed whether the new logo should be provided to the various township committees to get their feedback, but the idea was nixed due to the delays it would cause with implementation.

The previous version of the logo was in place for 20 years.

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