Delaware River Sojourn Invites Participants For 28th Annual Journey

Registration is open for the 28th Delaware River Sojourn, inviting paddlers of all ages to embark on a week-long journey exploring the undammed beauty of the river.

Credit: Delaware River Sojourn

The 28th Delaware River Sojourn, an experience for paddlers of all ages and skill levels, is extending an invitation to interested individuals to register for the upcoming event.

The Delaware River Sojourn will take place from June 17 to June 23 along the waterway in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York.

The Delaware River Sojourn offers a combination of guided paddling trips, educational programs, camping opportunities, and the chance to foster camaraderie. The sojourn aims to provide firsthand exposure to the Delaware River, according to the Delaware River Basin Commission.

Participants can choose to embark on the entire journey or select days.

Covering a distance of approximately 65 miles, the sojourn will feature daily trips ranging from five to 13 miles. The itinerary for this year’s event:

• Saturday, June 17: Hancock (N.Y.) to Buckingham Access (Pa.)
• Sunday, June 18: Buckingham Access to NEWE Camp (Pa.)
• Monday, June 19: NEWE Camp to Callicoon (Pa.)
• Tuesday, June 20: Dingmans (Pa.) to Bushkill (Pa.)
• Wednesday, June 21: Shawnee Inn (Pa.) to Driftstone Campground, Delaware River (Pa.)
• Thursday, June 22: Driftstone Campground to Martin’s Creek Boat Launch (Pa.)
• Friday, June 23: Martin’s Creek Boat Launch to Phillipsburg, N.J.

For more information on registration, the event itinerary, and safety guidelines, interested individuals can visit the official Delaware River Sojourn website at

To participate in the Delaware River Sojourn, registration fees for 2023 are set at $100 per day for adults and $70 per day for children aged 15 and under. The fees cover the guided river trip, rental of a single or tandem kayak (including paddle and life jacket), shuttle transportation, educational programs, most meals, and optional overnight camping sites. While participants are welcome to bring their own boats, it is worth noting that aluminum or wooden canoes are not recommended. Additionally, a one-time insurance fee of $10 per person applies to this American Canoe Association (ACA)-sanctioned event, except for current ACA members.

Mark Zakutansky, director of conservation policy engagement for the Appalachian Mountain Club and vhair of the Sojourn Steering Committee, explained that this year’s Sojourn theme “Running Free” focuses on the undammed nature of the mainstem river.

“From migratory fish to dam removals to aquatic invasive species, sojourn programming will focus on the history and unique habitat of a free-flowing Delaware River,” he said.

Steve Tambini, executive director of the Delaware River Basin Commission, acknowledged the significance of the Delaware River Sojourn in fostering connections to shared water resources and between participants.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 3 Administrator Adam Ortiz will be an honorary guest on Wednesday, June 21. Ortiz will deliver a speech during the lunch program at the Kittatinny Point Visitors Center in Columbia, New Jersey. Also, David C. Pierce, author of “Tocks Island: Dammed If You Do The Homegrown Movement that Defeated the Delaware River Dam,” will present a talk as part of this year’s programming.

Questions regarding registration or inquiries about first-time paddler discounts should be directed to Dejay Branch at

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