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Gov. Wolf urges cannabis legalization to boost economic recovery

Gov. Tom Wolf on Thursday called on the legislature to take up the legalization of adult-use cannabis to help with the state’s economic recovery amid covid-19.

He said the tax revenue from legalized weed could help small businesses and provide restorative justice to reverse the societal effects of criminalization.

“Today I am proposing we legalize adult-use cannabis here in Pennsylvania with a portion of the revenue going toward existing small business grants,” Gov. Wolf said. “Half of these grants would be earmarked for historically disadvantaged businesses, many of which have had difficulties attaining other assistance because of systemic issues. The other portion of the revenue will go toward restorative justice programs that give priority to repairing the harm done to crime victims and communities as a result of cannabis criminalization.”

The governor stressed the economic benefits states with legal adult-use cannabis have realized. There are now 11 states plus the District of Columbia with legalized cannabis.

“Some states that have legalized adult-use cannabis have received millions in additional revenue,” Gov. Wolf said. “In Washington state, adult-use cannabis brought in $319 million in tax revenue in 2018. In Colorado, that figure topped $266 million, and provided the city of Aurora with $900,000 to open a space for people experiencing homelessness. And these figures don’t count the secondary economic benefits of new businesses opening.”

The governor called on the legislature to take immediate action to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana, changing the charge from a misdemeanor of the third degree, which can result in jail time, to a summary offense, which does not.

“I stand with the Governor and Lt. Governor in support of legislation legalizing adult-use cannabis because this issue is about far more than money,” said Rep. Jake Wheatley. “This is about criminal and social justice reform and righting past wrongs. It is about creating a flourishing new industry to help keep people safe and educate them on responsible use. Especially during a pandemic, we need to provide every avenue for relief and this one is well overdue.”

The governor and lt. governor first called on the legislature to consider adult-use cannabis legalization in September 2019 after the lt. governor completed a statewide listening tour that determined a majority of Pennsylvanians favor legalization. But nothing has moved forward in the legislature since then.

“The time has come to legalize adult-use cannabis in Pennsylvania,” Gov. Wolf said. “It will help our economic recovery, it will help Pennsylvania families and it will help make our criminal justice system fairer.”

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  • Legalization of recreational pot is just one more thing motorists in Pa. will have to worry about. In addition to drunken drivers, texting drivers and those taking on hand held cell phones and watching out for Bambi, doesn’t Governor Wolf realize that whether he is driving or being chauffered he can become a victim?

  • Wolf simply wants to make certain that the electorate is so stoned that they will not notice or push-back on his Covid dictates. That means the worst is yet to come and he is making an advanced move to counter.

  • Do it.

    I say that as someone that’s smoked pot once, more than 45 years ago. I have no self-interest in it, but if you think making it illegal stops anyone from buying and smoking as much pot as they want, try walking around downtown New Hope for an hour.

    Stop pointless arrests and fund the state budget. Better yet, do it at the federal level.

    • Also expunge all arrest record for past offenders. How do you get a store to sell it. First you will need a 500,000.00 plus bucks and be on the in. Another closed game like in NJ.Might as well try and open your own bank.

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