Published On: Fri, Aug 28th, 2020

New covid cases in Bucks hold steady, but 32-year-old patient dies

Bucks County’s covid-19 numbers remained at a steady level in recent days, averaging 23 new cases per day, while hospitalizations stayed low.

But that positive news was countered by the reported death two weeks ago of a 32-year-old man who had no known preexisting health conditions. The Bucks County Department of Health reported that the man, who died Aug. 13, had been hospitalized outside of the county with covid-19 complications since mid-July.

Of the 70 new cases on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, eight were delayed reports no longer considered to be infectious.

Twenty-two of the new infections resulted from household contacts, 12 were attributed to community spread, six were infected out of state, four are residents or workers at long-term care facilities, three are healthcare workers, two were infected at other workplaces and 21 were unable to complete full interviews immediately, according to county health officials.

Bucks County now has had 7,231 residents test positive for covid-19 during the pandemic. A total of 519 deaths have been attributed to the virus, including 411 long-term care residents, while 6,458 are confirmed to have recovered.

The median age of those who have been infected in Bucks is 51, while the median age of death is 84.

Fifteen Bucks County coronavirus patients are hospitalized, two of whom are in critical condition and on ventilators.

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  1.' Facts Matter says:

    Folks, please don’t spread misinformation. This is far too important.

  2.' REGGIE says:

    Fear and panic mongering.In other words, the virus accelerated the demise of some very old and unhealthy people, causing a spike in deaths, but has now burned through most of the poorly-protected nursing homes, and as the younger population gets tired of the ridiculous lock-downs infections are trending up, but deaths aren’t because working age and younger people rarely get very sick,except one 32 year old and the death rates are now being far less skewed by deaths in nursing homes. In other words, the destructive lock-downs should never have been imposed on the population. If the idiot-despots like Murphy,Wolf and Cuomo had simply protected the nursing homes (they actually did the very opposite), and advised the morbidly obese to self-isolate, with those able to work from home doing so, he could have kept the state’s economy chugging along on all four cylinders with scarcely a hiccup.

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