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Daily new covid-19 case level in Bucks remains relatively low

The county’s infection rate continued to stabilize at a relatively low level, with an average of roughly 26 covid-19 cases per day over the past three days, the Bucks County Health Department reported Thursday.

Hospitalizations remained low, but one death was reported — a 48-year-old resident who had been hospitalized outside of Bucks County with covid complications since late May. It was not known if he had underlying health conditions.

It was the fifth death of a Bucks County resident from coronavirus to be reported this month.

Of the 77 cases reported from Tuesday through Thursday – 17 on Tuesday, 34 on Wednesday and 26 today – seven were delayed reports no longer considered to be infectious.

The 77 cases included 36 people infected by household contacts, 18 attributed to community spread, five infected out of state, five residents or employees of longterm care facilities, three infected at other workplaces and 10 who were unable to complete a full interview immediately.

Bucks County now has had 7,079 residents test positive for covid-19 during the pandemic. A total of 518 deaths have been attributed to the virus, including 411 long-term care residents, while 6,264 are confirmed to have recovered.

The median age of those who have been infected in Bucks is 52, while the median age of death is 82.

Ten Bucks County coronavirus patients are hospitalized, two in critical condition and on ventilators.

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  • Masks, closed bars, restricted indoor dining… it works. Good news.

    Now queue the “”Q” cult chiming in with ideas on how we can increase spread to get our numbers back up.

    Love that it’s working, stay the course!

    • “Masks, closed bars, restricted indoor dining… it works. Good news.” You type that sentence and call it good news. Do you even realize how brainwashed you are?

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