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Conservation group holds online native tree and shrub sale

The Penn State Master Watershed Stewards of Bucks County are holding an online native tree and shrub sale through Aug. 31 to support their educational outreach efforts.

Master Watershed Stewards plant trees to intercept and infiltrate stormwater, stabilize soils, and filter pollutants. They’re also great for privacy, foliage, shade, attracting pollinators or for homeowners who just want something beautiful to look at.

All trees and shrubs offered are native to eastern Pennsylvania. Trees include Red Maple, River Birch, Redbud, Flowering Dogwood, Persimmon, White Oak, Red Oak and more. Shrubs include Ninebark, Red Osier Dogwood, Witch Hazel, Winterberry, Northern Bayberry and more.

Trees and shrubs in two-gallon containers are sold for $23, and oaks/white pines in three-gallon containers are $35. A full list of trees and shrubs is available online, where they can also be ordered.

Customers can pick up their orders on Oct. 3 at 1282 Almshouse Road in Doylestown. Bucks County Master Watershed Steward volunteers will be on hand to load purchases into vehicles.

All purchases directly support local educational outreach efforts of the Penn State Master Watershed Stewards of Bucks County. For more information,  contact the Penn State Master Watershed Stewards of Bucks County at (267) 483-2020 or

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  • I’m as interested about shrub sales as the next guy. But the story in this town now is Covid and our school’s response. How about a story from the perspective of parents, students, and athletes in this town? That is, your readership.

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