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New Hope doubles parking rate Saturday

Visitors to New Hope this weekend will undoubtedly be surprised to learn that it now costs twice as much to park as the last time they came to town.

That’s because the rate has been doubled effective Saturday to $1.50 per hour, up from 75 cents per hour.

The increase was approved by borough council at its July 28 public meeting.

“We had been considering a rate increase to fund needed streetscape improvements, but the coronavirus has disrupted those plans,” the borough said in a press release. “The pandemic has caused unforeseeable hardship for all the local merchants, as well as for the borough. Our council decided it was prudent to move ahead with this long-discussed parking increase to protect the basic services that our residents depend upon. The borough has not raised taxes in over five years, and this parking increase will hopefully help raise much needed funds.”

“Oh my god, this is absolutely outrageous, especially during the pandemic,” said Peter Markowicz, owner of Exquisite Earth at 126 S. Main St. “This is how they are helping the small businesses and trying to bring people to town? Unbelievable!”

The borough emphasized in its statement that rates had not been increased in 18 years, and are comparable with other municipalities.

“The new rates remain substantially lower than private lots and other parking options in the region.”

The rate increase affects public parking spaces served by the borough’s kiosk system, not private lots.

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  • Thinking, they want to drive small stores out. Demolish all the old buildings along the river and build new. Turn the town in to upscale playground. Big power and money behind all this. What happened to the earth cam on main street? The Gay Pride thing will go next.Only one last place to drive out, then the super WAWA!

  • This is regressive. You want people to come and spend money. Earn your money that way.
    BTW Does this mean the $4 an hour public lot just north of the bridge will be $8 an hour?

  • I agree with the people that said don’t complain about the small stuff …..Much bigger things a head to be concerned with…All be safe and pay attention to what really matters

  • If a $1.50 parking keeps people away try NY. The cost of everything goea up. Want nice streetscapes and regular maintenance….. this is to help cover some of those costs. I live an hour away but will gladly pay street parking of $1.50 an hour.

  • So New Hope is raising parking to a 1.50 an hour. Try to get parking down at the Jersey shore for that amount. With all the shiny new Harleys and Mercedes convertibles you see in town, I don’t think a $1.50 an hour is going to keep them away. Business is down because of fears of contracting covid-19, not because the parking rate is going up. However, I do sympathize with hourly workers having to pay for oarking,but that’s another issue.

  • Seriously complaining about the smallest things gets us NO WHERE! The average person is probably in town no more than 4 hrs. $6.00. Lots charge up to $20.00 seems a bargin to me!

  • My husband and I have been coming to New Hope for the past 25 years and we live at the shore and our parking when we drive is $1.50 an hour as well so in my eyes if you want to drive in to town and your not lucky enough to get off street parking it is what it is , No one wants to see such a beautiful town succumb to people not visiting because of this and yes 2020 has been particularly un kind for all businesses everywhere and that’s why we need to patronize these businesses and restaurants no matter the parking fee . Cannot wait to come back <3

    • I agree I to have been going to New Hope for about the same my husband and daughter were just there twice in July we go every year love it and right now people need to help it has been a bad year for everyone so people have to understand and enjoy the town.

  • That’s totally rediculous, that’s going to keep people away having to pay for parking at a higher rate. Not just that they need a employee lot us employees shouldn’t have to pay to work in New Hope. This is not fair !!!!!

  • Parking in new hope has been a problem since the early 80 and part of the problem is the vendors like the woman and her mother from NYC or with ny plates most of the vendors take up most of the spaces on main st

  • Business owners: Maybe the problem is that 2 of the 4 directors of the New Hope Chamber of Commerce work for New hope boro. Or that the River Towns Chamber collects dues up & down the river, pockets it, and won’t ever stand up for business owners. If you want the parking increase reversed, go to their Facebook pages and demand they speak up for businesses or give you your money back.

  • This is outrageous. What happened to the money that was not spent during the lockdown. New Hope is falling as it is. People are not shopping or spending money. The town is not supporting the small business owner. The council should tell the truth. Who is the developer that is paying the off.

  • This is Not the time for an increase. We need people to come to town. A couple months ago I used the app to pay for my parking and my mother’s parking (she has NY license plates) they ticketed her despite her being totally paid. And we were parked next to each other. Most of my customers come from out of town. We need them to keep coming. For the council to think this is the right time means they are totally out of touch as to what is happening. This place is dead. Raising parking won’t help. Disgusted.

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