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Solebury Township to resume limited operations May 4

Solebury Township Hall.

Although the Township Building will remain closed to the public for the foreseeable future, Solebury administrators will hold meetings by appointment with residents who have essential business beginning May 4.

Officials also said they will implement a new schedule on a trial basis to “reduce the carbon footprint at the Township Building, lower operating costs, and increase our ours of operation.”

Starting May 4, administrative offices will be fully staffed, with on-site operations from Monday to Thursday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., providing an extra hour of availability. Staff will work remotely on Fridays, allowing the township to power-down the buildings for three full days.

“With no lights or computers on, and the HVAC system in unoccupied mode, this should noticeably reduce the carbon footprint from Township operations, along with the reduced gasoline usage from keeping roughly 15 cars from commuting to the Township Building one day each week,” officials said in a letter to residents.

“What we’re trying to accomplish,” explained Mark Baum Baicker, Chair, Board of Supervisors, “is to maintain or even improve our level of service, increase our hours of availability to our residents, and do so on an environmentally-friendly basis.”

Police officers will work their usual shifts, but police administration will also adhere to the extended Monday through Thursday schedule for office hours, as will the Public Works Department.

Residents attending meetings at Township Hall will be required to wear a face covering and gloves. Permit applications can be submitted by email or by using the new drop-box on the small porch of the Township Building closest to the Public Works Building.

Also in May, the township’s advisory committees will resume meetings via teleconference. Instructions on how to participate will be posted on the township website in advance of each meeting.

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