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Gov. Wolf says everyone should wear a mask when leaving home

Governor Tom Wolf on Friday recommended that all Pennsylvanians wear a mask any time they leave their homes.

As covid-19 cases steadily rise in the state, Gov. Wolf stressed the need to intensify all measures to help stop the spread of the virus.

“Two days ago, I amplified our social distancing efforts by instituting a statewide stay-at-home order, and today I am asking all Pennsylvanians to wear a mask any time they leave their houses,” Gov. Wolf said. “Masks help prevent people from sharing illnesses. But, they don’t do a great job at keeping people from getting sick; and, they’re not foolproof, so it is critical that our first act is to ask ourselves if we really need to leave our house.”

“Staying home is the most effective way to protect yourself and others against covid-19,” Sec. of Health Dr. Rachel Levine said. “But, if you must go out because you are out of food or medication, then wearing a mask, or even a bandana across your nose and mouth, could be an extra layer of protection.

“”You don’t need a surgical mask – we need those for our health care workers and first responders,” she continued. “We have guidance on universal masking on our website, including instructions on how to make your own mask using materials you have at home.”

Pennsylvania’s covid-19 cases stand at 8,420 in 63 counties with 102 deaths.

“Wearing a mask will help us cut down the possibility that we might be infecting an innocent bystander, like the grocery store cashier, the pharmacist, or someone stocking shelves,” Gov. Wolf said. “These people are keeping us alive by getting us the supplies we need. We owe it to them to do everything we can to keep them safe. Right now, that means wearing a mask.”

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  • Well stated Sandra. We are on a slippery slope to an Orwellian nightmare. Government men with guns restricting our movement, barring free assembly. Barring people’s rights to make a living without due process. My father in assisted living is in a prison cell 24 hrs/day. The best statisticians in the US are predicting the apex in about 7 days. 8k deaths as of today. In 7 days we may have 20k more for a total of 28k. The ensuing 2nd half of the bell curve would produce another 28k. 56k deaths is a human tragedy to be sure, but the equivalent of a relatively mild flu season.

      • Mr Williums it’s now a week later and we’re at 20,400 deaths so your estimate was a bit under. Suggests 41,000 deaths when all is said and done. For that we are committing economic suicide

  • Antifa has won. We will all be wearing masks going forward for the foreseeable future. Everyone will be unidentifiable. We are following along like sheep. May I see your papers?

    • Sandra we are about a month from being asked to produce our “papers” from jackboot thugs if this country doesn’t come to its senses. We are all unemployed sheep in a fetal position thanks to the media.

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