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Solebury School announces major land acquisition

Solebury Township Supervisor Kevin Morrissey

Solebury School on Sunday announced that it would acquire 50 acres of land adjacent to the school.

The parcel lies directly east, and increases the campus size to 140 acres, allowing for expanded facilities and programming.

The acquisition restores a piece of land to the Solebury campus that was sold to the quarry in the 1980s, and increases the campus footprint by nearly 50 percent, according to the school.

The crowd toasting

“This is truly a magical moment in the history of Solebury School,” said Head of School Tom Wilschutz. “To be able to look ahead with confidence and to know that, because of the leadership and courage of the Board of Trustees, along with the support of so many, we have ensured the future of Solebury School.”

Faculty, parents and members of the community gathered to hear the announcement and share a champagne toast to the future of the school on Sunday. Pennsylvania State Senator Steve Santasiero was in attendance, along with Solebury Township Supervisor Kevin Morrissey and past Solebury School Board Chairs Doug Haigh and Scott Bolenbaugh.

Heinrich Markoff (Solebury School Board Member), Jennifer K. Burns (Assistant Head of School, Advancement), and Senator Steve Santasiero

Jennifer K. Burns, Assistant Head of School – Advancement, shared an update on the school’s strategic plan, which includes increased enrollment in its boarding program and an enhanced campus environment.

“Solebury School’s future will be a time of measured and mindful growth in enrollment, academic program, residential life and physical plant,” Burns explained. “With this important acquisition, here we are. Taking our first steps on a long-range journey, the beginning of a new chapter in Solebury School’s story. The dreams we can dream for this beloved institution are now truly limited only by our imagination.”

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