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Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick votes against Trump impeachment resolution

Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick on Thursday voted in line with his fellow Republicans against a resolution outlining procedures for the House impeachment inquiry into activities by President Trump.

The U.S. House of Representatives voted 232 to 196 to lay the groundwork for continuing the inquiry, which will now include nationally televised hearings.

Fitzpatrick on Wednesday criticized the resolution during an interview with The Dom Giordano Program on 1210 WPHT-AM, according to

“The most significant thing we can do in the House is declare war and to send somebody’s children into battle.” he said. “Right beneath that is to impeach a president and overturn the results of an election. The process should be taken very seriously and very somberly. And it’s not. It is very partisan and political, and it’s very disappointing to see.”

“Today, Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick voted in lockstep with his party against the fact-finding mission into President Trump’s actions, voting with every Republican in the House to sweep Trump’s behavior under the rug,” commented Democratic congressional candidate Debbie Wachspress. “Fitzpatrick has skipped 88 of the 90 hours of testimony given to date in the impeachment investigation. Today’s vote further proves that Brian Fitzpatrick is more interested in protecting Donald Trump, his party, and his own political career than he is in upholding his duty to the Constitution.”

Fitzpatrick has served as the representative for Pennsylvania’s 1st congressional district since 2017.

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  • Curious that some people are so threatened by evidence gathering sessions that are being held with both Democrats and Republicans present. This follows exactly the same process Republicans used during the Clinton impeachment inquiry. Had there been facts revealed that require further investigation, the process would have been stopped but that has not been the case. Now the next step will be to move to holding open televised sessions where the public can watch and listen to what these witnesses have to say and then make up their own minds.

    With all of what has been revealed from people who were closely involved and witnessed the activities of the President and those in the administration, how can any intelligent sane person not want to hear everything before coming to a conclusion?

    Unfortunately some are so blinded by party affiliation that they refuse to wait and weigh whatever evidence will be revealed. The American people deserve the opportunity to decide rather than being verbally beaten into blindly following any one politician. Curious that some folks are so threatened by looking into the behavior of politicians. Blindly following anyone and attacking those who question is a very dangerous mindset.

    • We are coming up on the third year since the election that placed Donald Trump in the White House. Democrats have spent the ensuing 1095 days doing absolutely NOTHING except try to remove him from office. Republicans are not threatened by evidence-gathering sessions. This will die in the Senate and only make Trump’s supporters stronger. They are disgusted and fearful for the future of our Republic if this behavior becomes the norm for all future elections. As for being “blinded by party affiliations” the Democrats voted as a block as well.

  • Rep. Fitzpatrick did not vote in lockstep. He used rationale common sense which is lacking among today’s libtards.

    The fact that closed door sessions have been held should worry everyone and raise at least a suspicion of foul play. If there is nothing to hide, why hide?

    Democrats have failed with every attempt to discredit President Trump. If anyone things the Bidens are clean you are simply nuts. What is wrong with calling a spade a spade? The Bidens are as corrupt as the Clinton’s. Always convenient when the shoe is on the other foot.

    • First of all… can we have a discussion without using disparaging terms like libtard? Fact is that there are Republicans present at these “closed door sessions”, so it’s not troubling. The procedures they are following were set up by Republicans during the Clinton impeachment. Following your logic, why does Trump constantly change his story, lie. and obfuscate, if he has nothing to hide? He discredits himself. He doesn’t need any help from anyone.

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