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Raven fixtures to be donated to New Hope Celebrates for auction

Raven interior

Gateway to New Hope LLC said Thursday that it will donate fixtures and decorative items from its recently closed Raven bar/restaurant/hotel to local nonprofit New Hope Celebrates (NHC), which will auction them Nov. 7 at Rago Arts in Lambertville.

Up for bid will be more than 100 pieces, including Raven signage, a pool table, bar stools, dance floor, and ceiling tiles, along with heat lamps, planters, appliances and kitchen equipment.

Auction proceeds will benefit NHC, which is focused on highlighting the history and culture of New Hope and promoting the local economy.

“There were so many memories and moments shared in the current Raven, and with the donations from River House at Odette’s, our community is able to keep those memories alive,” said NHC President Matt Hanson.

Gateway to New Hope, which bought the Raven at 385 W. Bridge St. in June, said it will tear down down the iconic club by year end and use the property as a valet parking lot for their new Riverhouse at Odette’s resort, expected to open next spring at the southern end of New Hope on River Road. Gateway said it hopes to build a new “iteration” of the Raven at the current site, but wouldn’t say when initial plans would be completed or provide a target date for construction. Meanwhile, they will “warehouse the Oak Room bar, several stained-glass windows, wood paneling, lighting fixtures, piano and more” for use in the future bar/restaurant/hotel.

The live auction at Rago Arts on Nov. 7 is from from 6:30-9:30 p.m., and an RSVP by Nov. 1 is requested. Details on a silent auction will be announced.

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  • Sandra have u ever been to the Raven? Because from the sound of your statement it sounds like you are one of those people who does not care for the LGBT community only if they are quiet and just exist in the community.The Raven was and a place that we the LGBT community go to without being judged.

    • I’m “one of those people”? Presume much? I have been there a few times and found the bar to be beautiful & the food pretty good. I have no negative opinions about the LGBT community. Certainly wouldn’t have moved to this area recently if I had. If the Raven was so important, how/why did the LGBT community let it fail? Instead, writers here are blaming Gateway, comparing them to a cancer doctor and BJ is thanking someone(who?) for “destroying the last gay hangout…” Businesses fail from poor management & lack of support. I understand the place was mobbed on the last night. Where were all of you the rest of the year?

  • A whole article about The Raven, and neither this article nor the on the Intelligencer mentions it was a gay bar. Great journalism.
    PS They didn’t mention the Upstairs Lounge , which was destroyed by arson , was a gay bar either. That was 1973. Times haven’t changed.

  • Thanks for destroying the last gay hangout and cruising spot, and congrats – New Hope is well on its way to becoming a overpriced, overcrowded, bland suburb of Philadelphia.

    • BJ put the blame on the past management from Rand to Sam.They were the ones that caused a death by 1000 cuts.Stealing,no show paid Management on and on.Remember Raven use to be a private oasis to go to then Rand made it Miami,New York snob elites and Sam just laundered money.The Bari’s The TJ.S The Marty’s that is what killed it.Only good bartenders were Robby Burns,Glenn Kennedy and they were always silenced because they used COMMON SENSE and made us all feel welcome. RIP Glenn you were in a LAST fun ERA Raven in it’s prime.

  • Liz finally banned completely from Cub Room. Now I can go there finally in comfort.Thank you staff you made the right decision.Straight to Gay Money Con Artist now forgotten and hopefully gone. Clarion her she comes.

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