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Delaware River rescues continue for Solebury Township responders

(Photo courtesy Solebury Police)

The Solebury Township Police Department has responded to five reported river rescues in as many days, and their patience is wearing thin.

In the latest incident, two victims were rescued early Thursday morning after being stranded on Hendricks Island in the Delaware River near Stockton, N.J., and Centre Bridge.

Each call places police, fire and EMS responders from Solebury, New Hope, Lambertville and surrounding communities in peril and draws valuable resources from where they may be needed most.

The Delaware River is experiencing higher than normal water levels thanks to recent rainy weather, creating an extreme danger to swimmers, tubers, and kayakers and or anyone else who may enter the water, police say.

Solebury Township police are urging river enthusiasts to pay attention to the water levels and weather conditions, and to be aware that the river is very strong, and currents could be extreme and deadly.

“Anyone who enters the river during high water levels creates an unsafe condition which places others at extreme risk,” admonish Solebury police. “Always wear a life jacket.”

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Here’s a summary of recent river rescues:

On Aug. 5 at approximately 2:05 p.m., a kayaker was reported missing in the Delaware River near Virginia Forrest Park, and marine units from New Hope Eagle Fire Company and Lambertville-New Hope Ambulance and Rescue responded. The kayaker was located and safe.

On Aug. 5 at approximately 6:2o p.m., a report was received of a person who fell from a raft in the Delaware River near the Stockton Bridge. Soleburey police, along with New Hope Eagle Fire Co., Lambertville-New Hope Rescue and Point Pleasant Fire Company arrived in the area. After searching the river and its banks, a total of four individuals were located safely.

On Aug. 5 at approximately 8:20 p.m., Bucks County 911 received a call of subjects screaming for help from the Delaware River. Solebury police officers arrived on location and met with the 911 caller who directed police to the river bank behind Washington Crossing Park. A Solebury officer observed two individuals attempting to rescue two others who were clinging to a tree branch in the river, and police used rescue ropes to retrieve the two individuals attempting a rescue. The two other victims were rescued by Marine units from Lambertville-New Hope Ambulance Rescue and New Hope Eagle Fire Company.

On Aug. 9 at approximately 12:26 a.m., two subjects reported being stranded on Hendricks Island in the Delaware River. Solebury police, along with New Hope Eagle Fire Company, Stockton Fire Company, Lambertville-New Hope Ambulance and Rescue, and Point Pleasant Fire Company, located two victims who were attempting to retrieve a canoe they had abandoned earlier when they came upon extremely swift water and were unable to return to shore.


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