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DCNR Offering Grants to Plant Trees Along Streams

The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) has $1 million that it wants to share with landowners for planting trees along streams to improve water quality.

Forest buffers along stream banks provide critical barriers between polluting landscapes and receiving waterways. Grants are open until Sept. 25.

“Simply put, we can improve the water quality in our rivers and streams by planting trees along them to slow down runoff and filter sediments and fertilizers we apply to the land,” DCNR Secretary Cindy Adams Dunn said.

Pennsylvania has a goal of planting 95,000 acres of streamside buffers by 2025.

Individual landowners, businesses, non-profit organizations, local government,; and educational institutions are all eligible for the buffer grants, but must be prequalified. Information about how to prequalify is available online.

Properly planted and maintained, streamside tree and shrub plantings filter the runoff of sediments and the fertilizers that are applied to lawns and crops, control erosion, improve water quality, reduce flooding, cool stream temperatures, and improve fish habitat.

The current grant application period also includes $250,000 for trails and projects related to the use of snowmobiles and ATVs. Trail projects include acquisition, development, rehabilitation, or maintenance of designated routes on land for motorized recreation activities.

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