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Thomas Out as New Hope Borough Manager

New Hope Borough Hall.

New Hope Borough Manager Cathie Thomas has left her job at Borough Hall, but New Hope officials won’t say why.

“Cathie is no longer an employee of the borough,” said Borough Council President Alison Kingsley when asked Thursday whether Thomas had been fired.

“It’s pending personnel [sic], and soon as I have something to share, I will,” continued Kingsley, declining comment on the terms of Thomas’ separation.

Former New Hope Borough Manager Cathie Thomas.

Thomas reported to Kingsley, and oversaw Assistant Borough Manager and Treasurer Janell Clements, who left in June, 2017.  Kingsley repeatedly declined comment last year on Clements’ departure, citing “personnel issues.”

The New Hope Borough Council President has also used “personnel matters” and concern over potential litigation as a rationale for failing to provide details on a financial scam first disclosed on April 29, 2017. Council asserted on May 22, 2017, that “there hasn’t been any loss sustained…nor was any information breached or accessed,” but the borough’s June 27, 2017 statement revealed that the perpetrator made off with $30,000, which was “re-deposited” days later, apparently by the banking institution involved.

A report commissioned by the borough said there were significant problems with office management, including personnel management and accountability, and sloppy data entry.

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  • This group stinks of corruption. The missing 30k and subsequent silence feels a lot like a cover-up. The silence and “no comment”s surrounding the related “resignations” just support the idea that these slimy do-nothing local politicians are up to no good.

    • I take quite the opposite view from Matt. The fact that the $30,000 was taken and quickly recovered hardly “stinks of corruption.” The Borough Council obviously contacted and worked with the bank to resolve the issue, and appropriate personnel measures were taken, with advice from legal counsel.

      And no one in the public knows the terms of the Borough Manager’s termination. For all we know, the specifics were kept under wraps as part of her separation agreement.

      This ain’t Watergate. Let the Council do its job.

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