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New Hope Borough Council President Bill Scandone to Resign at Tuesday Night Meeting


New Hope Borough Council President Bill Scandone will resign from the group on Tuesday evening, according to a source with knowledge of the situation, and borough documents.

Scandone and Borough Manager Cathie Thomas have not responded to repeated requests for information since talk of the resignation emerged last week.

Scandone will resign due to purported “family issues” according to the source, who requested anonymity and suggested that additional factors may be involved. Scandone would not comment.

A friend of the council president who asked not to be identified confirmed that caring for aging parents has been a concern for Scandone.

According to the borough’s published meeting agenda, a presidential replacement will be installed at Tuesday night’s meeting, and the betting is on Vice-President Alison Kingsley, a New Hope Democratic Party boss, former New Hope-Solebury School Board member and real estate agent/Historic Architectural Review Board member.

(L to R) John Burke, Bill Scandone, T.J. Walsh, and Alison Kingsley.

(L to R) John Burke, Bill Scandone, T.J. Walsh, and Alison Kingsley.

Kingsley was not immediately available for comment.

Other contenders could include President Pro-Tempore Laurie McHugh and former Council President Claire Shaw.

Aside from the presidency, borough council will also discuss the system and timing for filling Scandone’s empty seat on the municipal group, but it may well follow the recent pattern of publicly announcing the position, and then choosing a loyal supporter or former council member.

New Hope Borough Council on Jan. 4, 2016, unanimously elected member Bill Scandone president of the governing body, and chose Alison Kingsley to be vice-president.

Scandone has been a member of Borough Council since 2009, a board member and treasurer of the New Hope Chamber of Commerce, and was an organizer of the 2010-13 New Hope-Lambertville Friday Night Fireworks program. He succeeded Council President Claire Shaw, who remains a member of the group.

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  • Pink, how dare you comment on someone’s personal reasons for doing something. You’re questioning their age? If you have never been in the position of caring for aging parents, first you are very lucky, second you have no idea of the stress you feel EVERY day. It is exhausting, at times overwhelming and very emotional. Been there, done that. I feel sorry for him. You have reached a new low.

  • Aging parents are the reason for resigning? How old could they be? And if “the situation” could change, meaning their passing, can’t Bill resign anyway? How about the grieving process? Not sure if I can buy this reason..Bill was once a Republican.

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