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VIDEO: Large Pro-Obamacare Demonstration Sunday Crosses Bridge Joining New Hope and Lambertville

At South Main and West Bridge streets in New Hope.

At South Main and West Bridge streets in New Hope.

Several hundred vocal but orderly protesters marched Sunday afternoon from New Hope-Solebury High School in Pennnsylvania to the corner of South Union and Bridge streets in Lamberville, New Jersey, to demonstrate their disdain for moves in the nation’s capitol to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as “Obamacare.”

Bearing signs that read “Hands Off the ACA” and “Heal, Don’t Repeal,” the marchers chanted “Ho-ho, hey-hey, the ACA has got to stay!” as they proceeded across the Delaware River via the New Hope-Lambertville free bridge, utilizing the pedestrian sidewalk, rather than the roadway, in a nod to local police.

The New Hope chapter of Organizing for Action, with the support of Solebury Democrats, organized the march on Sunday to protest the “reckless and irresponsible” repeal of Obamacare that could cause “millions to lose their health insurance.”

new hope free press“I’m here because 40,000 deaths happen every year due to lack of health coverage,” said one marcher from Buckingham.

“My sister couldn’t afford her life-saving medication before Obamacare,” said another protester in Lambertville.

The police presence on the Pennsylvania side was low-key, but extra Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission officials were apparent, and they managed to cajole one adventurous side group of protesters out of the roadway and back onto the sidewalk. Demonstrators stuck to the pedestrian walkway of the bridge, keeping traffic disruption to a minimum, and several vehicles honked in approval as marchers held up anti-repeal signs in their direction.

Speeches at South Union and Bridge streets in Lambertville as police watch on.

Speeches at South Union and Bridge streets in Lambertville as police watch on.

A Lambertville police officer diffused a minor incident when a passerby expressed frustration at his inability to cross the sidewalk at one juncture, and Lambertville patrols were generally more visible, and showed flexibilty and professionalism.

Organizing for Action is a national group “fighting for progressive change” with 250 chapters, most of whom staged similar local demonstrations on Jan. 15 decrying the repeal of the Affordable Health Care Act.

“Repealing Obamacare affects everyone,” observed volunteer Betsy Zipkin of New Hope last week.

Rallying in Lambertville.

Rallying in Lambertville.




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  • The working poor. How is one awarded this label? Usually with poor life choices. While I am not in that group, I know of people who are and EVERY ONE of them is in that situation because of choices they made when they were young. They dropped out of school, they didn’t work, got pregnant. They got involved with the wrong people, drugs, drinking. They were lazy, arrogant, had no skills and expected the government to take care of them. There were good examples being set all around them, that they CHOSE to ignore. They are not all freeloaders, I agree. Sometimes life does hand some people a tough road to follow. It’s all about personal responsibility and self-respect. You either have it or you don’t. I don’t want to support those who don’t.
    Dave Blank, I have a feeling you are one of the people I’m talking about. Funny thing. You can spell ignorant, but not you’re. Guess your mind went “blank” for a moment.

  • I am happy to give Trump a chance and am anxious to see his proposal, but I am frustrated by people who say they are tired of supporting freeloaders.
    People who are lucky enough to receive company provided healthcare get a huge subsidy from the federal government, the aggregate of which totals $260 billion. (This figure comes from the Joint Committee for Taxation, “Estimate for Federal Tax Expenditures for Fiscal Years 2014-2018”)
    First, companies get to deduct the cost of health insurance premiums, then employee health insurance benefits are not taxed as income, and most companies have plans that allow employees to pay their health insurance contributions on a pretax basis.
    This $260 billion tax break has to be recouped someway. The working poor who have no employer provided healthcare benefits help subsidize this huge benefit provided to others. Why accuse them of being freeloaders?
    I understand Senator Paul’s plan targets the tax favored treatment of employer provided healthcare in order to subsidize coverage for those who are uninsurable. At least Paul knows how the health insurance and tax system operate.

  • What a bunch of morons. Trump will not repel without having a replacement that’s affordable. People living right here in lambertville can not afford obama care premiums. Does anybody actually do any research before they walk with ignorance signs? So Down WITH Obama Care HOPE FULL WITH TRUMP! Try and give him a chance and unite.

    • Wow you sure are ignorant. Your dumb ass is gonna end up needing something like this and your gonna be left without it. Karma is a bitch…bitch

    • Miss Hope, you have no hope! This was a peaceful way to tell Trump to make sure there is something there if you take it away. The way it looks, there is not. PS , you should change your name to Trumpet, get it!

  • Charlie. Thanks for the article. I am a New Yorker who recently relocated here to New Hope and I love the action our community takes on making things that’s are wrong right. I could not march today but I will be Marching somewhere next weekend. Down with Trump ! Up with Obamacare!

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