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Solebury Township Police Nab Burglary Suspect

Burglary Suspect

William Martin Dalton III

William Martin Dalton III, 35, of Bedminster, has been arrested and charged with a string of residential burglaries, including two in Solebury Township.

Solebury Township Police say their investigation began on March 30 following a daytime forced entry burglary on the 5900 block of Corrigan Road in Solebury. Another daytime residential burglary took place at the 6000 block of Lower Mountain Road on May 13.

That same day, Newtown Township Police investigated a forced entry burglary at Parson Lane in Wrightstown Township.

Solebury and Newtown cops wisely initiated a joint investigation, and brought in a detective from the Whitemarsh Township Police Department after learning of a burglary there involving a similar mode of entry and vehicle description.

Key to the cops identifying the suspect was evidence from home surveillance video cameras at the Solebury homes and an observant Whitemarsh resident, who helped identify the alleged perpetrator’s vehicle, according to arresting officer Jonathan M. Koretsky of the Solebury Township Police Department.

Home security cameras are “a good idea” for residents, providing extra security and aiding law enforcement in apprehending criminals and, in this case, recovering stolen items, advised Koretsky.

Dalton is currently being held at the Bucks County Jail after failing to post 10% of his $350,000 bail on May 16. He has a preliminary hearing scheduled for May 23 under Magisterial District Judge Mark. D. Douple, and another hearing on June 27 with Judge Maggie Snow.

Dalton is charged with two counts of burglary, two counts of criminal trespass, 20 counts of theft by unlawful taking, and 20 counts of receiving stolen goods.

The Solebury Police will have recovered items on display for victims of Bucks and Montgomery burglaries at the Solebury Township Meeting Room at 3092 Sugan Road on May 25 beginning at 6:30 p.m. (you’ll need to have filed an incident report beforehand).

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  • Great job by the officers…..

    Home security cameras helped find an individual on our block that was going through cars stealing belongings. Sadly, we live in a world where I’m considering investing in this equipment.

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