Havana New Hope Welcomes the Legendary Yardbirds July 8

yardbirds new hope free pressRock ‘n’ roll legends the Yardbirds will be landing at Havana for one night only this July, making for one of the hottest tickets in town this summer.

The band coalesced in 1963 in London, and had several chart-toppers during the 1960s, including “For Your Love”, “Heart Full of Soul” and “Over Under Sideways Down.”

“The Yardbirds, perhaps more than any other group, brought guitar pyrotechnics to rock ‘n’ roll in the 1960s,” said co-founder Chris Dreja. “By introducing Clapton, Beck and Page to the world, and giving them plenty of space to create, the band set the template not only for Cream, the Jeff Beck Group and Led Zeppelin (whose original moniker was the ‘New Yardbirds’), but for virtually every rock group featuring distortion, feedback and in-your-face electric-guitar virtuosity.”

The band never rested on its laurels, according to Dreja, and is “aggressively moving forward.”

The original Yardbirds broke up and reformed a few times, choosing to “stay below the radar, tweaking their lineup and working up material,” said Dreja. But the band is taking a higher public profile these days to promote their latest studio release, “Birdland.”

“The sound remains distinctly and electrifyingly that of the Yardbirds,” according to the band’s website. “It’s also very much of the moment, as another generation of gritty, guitar-slinging units like the White Stripes, the Hives, the Strokes and the Vines, connects with the reinvigorated rock audience.”

Among the band members is Jim McCarty, who has been with the group since the very beginning, and continues on drums and backing vocals.

Tickets for the Yardbirds at Havana New Hope on July 8 are $50 in advance, and $60 on show day, with reserved rowed chairs, Jazz Room and loft. Doors open at 6 p.m., and showtime is 8 p.m. Havana is located at 105 S. Main St. in New Hope; (215) 862-5501.


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