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Citizens and New Hope borough personnel team up to save trapped ducklings on South Main Street Tuesday

Officer Dawn Haas orders mama and ducklings back to the Delaware River.

Officer Dawn Haas orders mama and ducklings to clear the area and return home.

At approximately 7:30 a.m Tuesday, 10 ducklings became trapped in a storm grate on South Main Street, and were subsequently rescued through the efforts of two New Hope residents, Officer Dawn Haas of the New Hope Police Department, and the New Hope Public Works Department.

According to New Hope resident Jean Cervi who observed the situation unfold, “Seems a mother duck was leading her brood of 10 little ducklings across South Main Street from the Logan Inn toward the river. Unfortunately, one of the ducklings fell through the storm grate and was quickly followed by all of its brothers and sisters.

“Two gentlemen saw the frantic mother in the street by the grate, and shooed her away to get her out of danger from passing cars,” continued Cervi. “They then flagged down Officer Haas, who immediately called the New Hope Public Works Department.”

Officer Haas smiles after all return home safely.

Officer Haas smiles after all return home safely.

Cervi said Public Works personnel responded in minutes.

“One man lifted the grate with his equipment while two others, armed with cardboard boxes, scooped up the baby ducklings and took them to be safely reunited with their worried mother,” recounted Cervi.

“Last seen, mom was leading her brood toward the Delaware River, thanks to Officer Haas, the folks from Public Works, and the two gentlemen who were kind enough to stop, make the needed calls and wait until help arrived,” Cervi observed. “As the saying goes, ‘All’s well that ends well.'”

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