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Too many leaves? Your town may help out — or not


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A symphony of leaf blowers, mulchers and rakes could be heard throughout the area over the warmer-than-usual weekend. But as the leaves keep piling up, whether or not, and how, your local municipality collects them depends on where you live. A sampling:


New Hope: Performs curbside collection on Wednesdays until Nov. 25. Leaves can be placed in plastic or paper bags, and must be tied. More information, as well as the borough’s leaf collection recommendations, can be found online.

Solebury: Does NOT have leaf collection. The township’s website encourages residents to compost leaves on their property. A call to the township revealed that leaf pick-up is a “topic of discussion that is ongoing.”

Upper Makefield: Does NOT do leaf pickup, and as stated on their website, “residents are required to either compost leaves or arrange for disposal separate from trash with their private hauler or drop-off location.” The township requires storm drain grates on a landowner’s property to be clear of debris and leaves. If debris is noticed inside the inlet box, residents can call public works to remove it at 215-968-3314.

New Jersey

Lambertville: Collects bagged leaves (plastic or paper) on curbsides sporadically throughout the fall season, and until Dec. 31.

West Amwell: Does NOT collect leaves from residents, although the township public works department said that they blow leaves from ditches and storm drains.

Hopewell Township: Collects leaves in front of homes during November and December, as well as April. The leaves must not be within 10 feet of a storm drain, and must not be in the street or gutter. Residents on Route 29 or Route 31 must call the township for special pickups at 609-737-0799 Ext. 650.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s After the Storm page notes that “yard clippings and leaves can wash into storm drains and contribute nutrients and organic matter to streams.”

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