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Borough Council meeting preview: Tastebuds restaurant wants to move, more private meetings on Bucks County Playhouse, the big bamboo

tastebudsTuesday night’s meeting of New Hope Borough Council, while not exactly action-packed, holds a few tidbits of interest, according to the borough’s online agenda.

As usual under the current Borough Council leadership, the meeting actually starts off with an “executive session” at 6:50 p.m., which citizens may not attend, leaving many audience members later feeling like everything’s already been decided, which often appears to be the case.

This week, a personnel matter will be discussed during executive session — not an unusual topic for such a meeting. But “BCCCP No.  2015-­‐00204” will also be discussed in closed executive session, and that involves a land use appeal by the Bucks  County Playhouse Theater. Later in the meeting, Borough Council will actually recommend settling the zoning appeal (details of which are not posted online). Based on a conversation with at least one individual familiar with the issue, it appears thus far that the Zoning Hearing Board has again been left out of the loop.

Tastebuds' new locale on West Bridge Street

Tastebuds’ new locale on West Bridge Street

Borough Council will consider another zoning appeal during Tuesday’s meeting, this one submitted by John  Barbacane, owner of the well-regarded Tastebuds Restaurant at 47 W. Ferry Street. Barbacane is requesting a special exception and variance to operate Tastebuds at 352 West Bridge Street, between Lukoil and the New Hope Lodge.

While the current Tastebuds location seats 44, the proposed West Bridge Street location at the York Place commercial condos would seat 40, and enjoy ample parking. Me Salon & Spa and Pierre’s Chocolates are also located in York Place, which contains 11 commercial units.

Lastly, adoption of an ordinance regulating the planting, growing, maintenance, cultivation and removal of  bamboo will be discussed Tuesday evening.

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