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Allan Michael photography on display at Full Moon Cafe in Lambertville

"Pyle Driver, Pier 83, NYC" by Allan Michael

Pile Driver, Pier 83, NYC by Allan Michael

The excellent photos of New York City native Allan Michael are currently on display at Full Moon Cafe in Lambertville, and they’re well worth a visit.

Although Michael is skilled in almost every form of photography, it’s his portraiture and landscapes, along with a couple of animal shots and still lifes, that show flashes of brilliance.

Michael currently resides in Brooklyn, but New Hope is a familiar destination and subject for the photographer.

Full Moon Cafe in Lambertville

Full Moon Cafe in Lambertville

“I love New Hope and Lambertville because it is as I’ve said, ‘the NYC Village countrified.’ My wife and I fell in love with the area because it has a laid back feeling with its rich vibrancy of landscape and passion of the people’s warmth,” said Michael.

He’s been shooting photos for more than three decades. “I first fell in love with photography in 1978,” said Michael. “It was in 1981, when I studied in the “Honoring Eye” class at the Aesthetic Realism Foundation in New York City, taught by photographer Nancy Starrels, that I felt a new excitement about the world and people — as I learned this mighty principle of Aesthetic Realism, stated by its founder, the philosopher Eli Siegel: ‘The world, art, and self explain each other; each is the aesthetic oneness of opposites.'”

Dubbed “New York City & More Comes to Lambertville,” the show runs through June 1. Full Moon Cafe is located at 23 Bridge St.; (609) 397-1096.

Untitled by Allan Michael

Onion Overgrown by Allan Michael









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