Lambertville Animal Welfare saves badly injured cat, seeks help

catLambertville Animal Welfare is seeking donations to help with veterinary care for “Tesla,” a Siamese kitten who was found badly injured in March.  He is seven months old, and has coloring and markings similar to a “flame”  or “apricot” point Siamese cat.

Tesla was picked up in very bad shape, so if you’d like to avoid reading details of animal injuries, skip this paragraph and know that he lost a leg, but cats can do just fine with three. He was picked up in Hunterdon County by Officer Nate Barson of Animal Control and Investigative Services, with a large gaping wound on the top of his front leg. He had black smudges all over him, along with several other wounds. The folks at Lambertville Animal Welfare think that Tesla was trying to keep warm by curling up inside a car engine, when the car was suddenly turned on. Barson rushed Tesla to Paw Prints Veterinary Hospital in Ringoes, NJ, and it was decided that Tesla’s injury was too severe and his leg needed to be amputated. Dr. Milford and the staff at Paw Prints cared for Tesla as he recovered, and he is doing quite well with learning to walk on three legs.

Tesla is very calm and sweet boy who loves to be petted, and has learned to purr and roll over for belly rubs, says the Lambertville group.

They say Tesla’s happy ending is only possible because of the collaboration that Barson has established with rescue groups and veterinary offices to save adoptable animals from euthanasia. But despite generously discounted medical care, surgery and recovery have cost $500. Lambertville Animal Welfare needs financial help to cover the expense and to keep on saving others, and one can donate for his continuing recovery online, or by calling (609) 397-0461 or emailing

Tesla also needs a permanent loving home, and he certainly deserves one.

Lambertville Animal Welfare (LAW) is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation supporting a group of volunteer residents dedicated to saving the lives of animals impounded as strays in Lambertville and surrounding municipalities in Hunterdon County, NJ.

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