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Lambertville-New Hope Chamber of Commerce offers reduced annual fee to New Hope Chamber members

lambertville-chamber-new-hope-free-pressIn its continuing drive for new members among New Hope businesses, the newly-renamed Greater Lambertville-New Hope Chamber of Commerce (GLNHCC) Thursday offered a $100 reduction in its annual membership fee to current New Hope Chamber of Commerce members. The move comes ahead of the key GLNHCC annual meeting scheduled for Saturday morning.

The New Hope Chamber of Commerce has been on a self-described “hiatus” since November, 2014, but has not offered refunds to members. While the group appears to continue operation as a non-profit corporation, it is incapable of significant decision making because only four directors remain, well below the minimum of 13 required under the group’s bylaws, and seven board members required for a binding vote.

In its pitch to New Hope businesses Thursday, GLNHCC President Wilson Weed said in a statement, “I thank the many New Hope businesses who already have reached out regarding membership in the Greater Lambertville-New Hope Chamber of Commerce. Our Board is excited by the strong support and interest we have received, and we look forward to working together to build a stronger business community for our entire region.

“We have taken the concerns regarding dues to the Greater Lambertville-New Hope Chamber of Commerce that have been brought to us by several New Hope business owners and leaders to heart.

“Our Board of Directors has voted to offer 2015 membership to businesses who have already paid 2014-2015 dues to the Greater New Hope Chamber for a one-time, new member rate of $175. To take advantage of this new member rate, applications must be received by Saturday, Feb. 28. Those businesses which have already submitted for new membership will receive a refund of the difference.

“I and my fellow Board members will be happy to speak with New Hope business owners individually this Saturday at the general membership meeting.”

Asked about scheduling the important gathering at an early weekend hour, Weed said, “Our intention is to get everybody back to their businesses, not wake everyone up an ungodly hour.” He said the group wants to maximize attendance, and many merchants wanted enough time to open their businesses by 10 a.m.

The Greater Lambertville-New Hope Chamber of Commerce (GLNHCC) on Jan. 22 emailed an application for membership ($275 per year) and cover letter to approximately 100 former New Hope Chamber of Commerce members as part of their strategy to garner greater New Hope business participation and support.

GLNHCC invited those receiving the letter and non-members to attend the group’s annual membership meeting 8 a.m. on Saturday, Jan. 31 at the Phillip L. Pittore Justice Center at 25 S. Union St. (ACME) in Lambertville. A given business must have paid dues prior to the meeting in order to vote there, according to the letter.

The board of directors of the Lamberville Area Chamber of Commerce voted Jan. 15 to rename and re-brand the organization under the “Greater Lambertville-New Hope Chamber of Commerce” banner. The group announced three days later that New Hope’s Triumph Brewing Company and the Landing Restaurant had joined their board.

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