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Central Bucks School District takes action based on internal investigation into hazing allegations at CB West football

cbCentral Bucks School District Superintendent David Weitzel today notified players and their parents, coaches, and the entire school district community of conclusions from the internal investigation into hazing and related activities first brought to light in October, and actions being taken by the school district in response to those findings.

On Oct. 23, the Central Bucks School District canceled their remaining football season, placed the head coach and his staff on suspension pending the outcome of the investigation, and directed a “comprehensive review of the District’s policies and procedures regarding hazing and other forms of improper, intimidating, and humiliating conduct.” In addition, the District sought the assistance of local law enforcement to independently review the allegations, they said.

Today, Weitzel announced in a statement, “The determination that Mr. Brian Hensel, Head Football Coach of Central Bucks West, would be replaced. Mr. Hensel will continue his teaching duties in the high school.

“A comprehensive search for a new Head Coach will commence shortly.

“The suspension of the assistant coaches has been lifted. Their future involvement with the football program will be determined after the selection of the new head coach.”

Additionally, said Weitzel, “There will be no additional district-administered sanctions or discipline for any of the players. The District has notified the Bucks County District Attorney and the Central Bucks Regional Police Department that the internal investigation has concluded.”

Concluded Weitzel, “This has been a challenging and painful few weeks for all of us connected to Central Bucks High School West and the school district community as a whole.  We are a resilient school district, and will demonstrate that resilience once again by how we choose to respond as a community to any form of hazing, initiation, or bullying. The safety, security, and dignity of our students must always be our highest priority.”

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  • The question remains. Is there or isn’t there a policy that clearly states that at no time will any students/athletes allowed in the locker rooms without adult supervision? If there is such a policy, then the coach goes. If there is no such policy, then Superintendent goes for it is his responsibility to see to it that all avenues of safety are covered. And what about other school districts? Do they or do they not have such a clear policy? Check out New Hope Solebury’s “policy” in the Superintendent’s Report found in the Board packet of the Oct. 2, 2012 School Board Meeting. Go to click on “School Board Members” which will lead to the Oct. 2, 2012 school board packet which will lead you to the report.The report will give you a clear understanding, in my opinion, that there is no clear policy.

  • David Weitzel is a gutless coward. By now EVERYONE (including him) knows this was a gross overreaction. A man (a mensch) would have made things right. But all this tower of whipped cream could do was obfuscate his own bad decisions by firing a good man.

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