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Central Bucks School District provides update on CB West football program investigation

cbThe Central Bucks School District issued the following statement late Friday:

“The Central Bucks School District hopes to conclude its investigation of the CB West football program in the near future. The seriousness of this situation requires a thoughtful examination of the facts learned prior to the cancellation of the last two CB West football games, as well as information learned in our ongoing investigation.

“The action taken to address player behavior and the lack of adequate supervision within the football program was made by the Administration, in keeping with the values of this school district. This decision was fully supported by the School Board of Directors. Dr. Weitzel thanks the community for the vast majority of calls he has received in support of this decision.

“Dr. Weitzel stated: ‘I will do my best to help CB West and the Central Bucks School Community move past this unfortunate incident.’

“The district continues to cooperate with the police and District Attorney’s office. Any questions about their investigations need to be directed to them.”

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  • Hey Mel it’s a high school not juvie! Sure, lets assign a guard to every locker room, an adult supervisor to every school club that meets after school hours, and have a sentry posted inside every bathroom where the stall doors have been removed.

  • The one question that has not been raised nor answered thus far in all of the coverage is this: does the district policy contain a section that clearly and emphatically states- AT NO TIME will any students be allowed in the locker rooms without Adult Supervision.
    If this provision is not part of the policy,then there must be consequences from the head down starting with the superintendent.
    I wonder how many school districts do not have such a policy which in effect puts their students recklessly in harm’s way?

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