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Meet the new ‘first couple’: first same-sex marriage performed in New Hope

John and Herb New Hope Free Press

Dwyer maintains his cool while Millman fights back tears as the couple completes their wedding vows

Herb Millman and John Dwyer made history Wednesday night in New Hope’s first same-sex wedding.

The ceremony was officiated by Mayor Larry Keller in the rear yard of his West Ferry Street home. The twilight event was well-attended by the many friends garnered by the couple over their years running Cockamamie’s Art Deco shop on North Main Street, volunteering with New Hope Chamber of Commerce, and serving with the New Hope Volunteer Fire Company.

“This is a great night for us and for the town we love so much because it underscores how special New Hope is as a place where gay people can live and love,” said Millman.

In the end, the darkening sky did not give way to rain, the normally gregarious Millman fought back tears of joy, Dwyer was poised in demeanor and moving in speech, and history was quietly made in a back yard in New Hope.




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  • I’m extremely disappointed that you do not honor the original 1st gay couple. I hope and pray race has nothing to do with your decision. Do what’s right and give historical credit where it’s do. Regardless of 6 years past or not. Shame on you.

  • I’m sorry but your article is wrong. My cousin and his husband were the first gay couple to be married in New Hope. He has tried to tell you this but you refuse to recognize your mistake. They were married May 21, 2014.

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