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Message from Lambertville Chamber of Commerce President Wilson Weed

lambertville chamber new hope free pressTo the business communities and residents of New Hope and Lambertville:

I want to apologize for my previous comments regarding the cancellation of the 2014 Friday Night Fireworks season. Over the past three years there were many people who dedicated every Friday Night to put on the fireworks performances from Memorial Day to Labor Day. I feel my comments regarding the decision to cancel the 2014 season insulted the efforts of these selfless people. The fact of the matter is that the Friday Night Fireworks would never have been without these people, many of whom are from New Hope.

I also want to apologize to the New Hope businesses who supported the fireworks over the past three years. These business respectfully voted to suspend the Fireworks so that the Chambers of Commerce on both sides of the river can rethink the design and present a product that would provide a benefit to all businesses.

I have said before that the Chambers of Commerce on both sides of the rivers are partners in the Friday Night Fireworks. My comments unfortunately put that partnership at risk. I acted alone in my comments and, going forward, I will be more careful about public statements which reflect the views of the Lambertville Area Chamber of Commerce.

I want to thank the members of both communities who expressed their heartfelt positions supporting or opposing the Fireworks. I know the New Hope Chamber of Commerce considered all opinions before making their decision. The Lambertville Chamber of Commerce supports this decision. Both sides of the river are disappointed that the Friday Night Fireworks shows have been suspended for the 2014 season. Going forward we will work together to bring the Fireworks back in 2015.

Wilson Weed
Lambertville Area Chamber of Commerce

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