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Lambertville artist Belenikin to show work at office of Newtown Square periodondist

belenkinCompiled from press release:

“World Class Geniuses”  – Valeriy Belenikin at Infinity Dental Specialist:

“You are currently standing in the establishment of a Gifted Periodontist and Dental Implant Surgeon, and founder of the OrthoPerio Institute, George Bandelac, where flawless beauty is created. At the same time, you are surrounded by the work of another gifted Master, Valeriy Belenikin, whose goal is to satisfy and enrich the viewer’s inner thoughts and feelings.

“You are witnessing a very rare moment during which two magnificent powers intersect, creating a spark and dazzling splash that seem to have come from a Higher Power, having the ability to change our view of the world by lifting and enhancing our inner spirits. While examining the mysterious subjects and instilled stories created by a mixture of paint on canvas, and seeing the sparkling wide smiles of healthy and happy people, we begin to process and understand that everything lies within our very own powers and minds.

“Even though Valeriy and George speak in different tongues and are immersed in diverse complexities of their work, they are able to communicate through art – a true and pure exquisiteness.

“You are invited to a Wine and Cheese reception on May 17 from 2-6 p.m. for the Grand Opening of our “World Class Geniuses” exhibition at Infinity Dental Specialists, 3855 W. Chester Pike #225, Newtown Square.”


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